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Themed Days

Now that we are settled into our new rental house I have been thinking about ways to make this blog a more constant thing. My courses are finished for the spring semester, my teaching is winding down, and today is the first Saturday I have been able to just sit around and think about everything I have been wishing I could do.

I have gone back to thinking about what this blog is really about. Change in the lives of normal people? Sure. Education in different forms? Maybe. But before I can make themed days I have to be sure what exactly I am trying to do with this blog.

One of my favorites (www.ginandtacos.com) is a smart political blog, bringing sanity and hilarity in a world where the media (all of it) is based on ratings and not informing the people. Another acquaintance runs a blog where each day has a theme, but she can get kind of offensive or too mundane, depending on the day. The blog itself does not have an overarching theme other than “Moms Complaining About Stuff” so I only really read it to feel better about myself.  Other blogs I read are professional blogs related to business and accounting in an effort to stay informed as I move toward finishing my degree in accounting.

For now, until the true theme of this blog reveals itself to me, I think I am going to move forward with the following post goals:

Music Monday
Turn Back the Clock Tuesday
Weight Loss Wednesday
Thoughtful Thursday
Furry Friends Friday

I will take the weekend to write the next week’s worth of posts and see if I can’t pull in any regular readers!


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