New House and Future Tests

We have finally moved into the new house! It is so much bigger and nicer but it is only $150 more per month in rent. It remains to be seen how the electric and water bills will differ. We contracted with a lawn service company so that our lawn will be taken care of on a regular basis, since we now live in a neighborhood where that would be important. A pest control company will also be coming out to take care of the wasps, ants, and other things outside. We are also planning to have a maid service come once a month to cover the entire place. After what our old house looked like when we moved out (read: DUST) I would really prefer that professionals brought everything back to square one frequently since this is such a nice place.

It is difficult to believe that this is real. This house is the kind of house that I would have considered rich people to live in when I was younger. You walk in and the ceilings are so high. There are ceiling fans in every room. The window blinds are the nice, wide, wooden kind and not the cheap, thin, bendable kind. The carpet is new, thick, and soft. We can fit both cars in our new garage so we don’t have to drive with our windows all fogged or wet in the morning. It’s so dark and quiet at night, and when I go to sleep I am not half nervous that someone will bust in through my window to rape or kill me. The children aren’t crazy and I have yet to hear booming bass from a car. 

It is difficult to believe this is real because I never thought I would ever live someplace like this. I never thought I was that classy. I’m here now though, so it must be okay.