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Frustration with Diagnostics

Today has been a fairly good day overall. This morning Scott and I went down the street to Pep Boys to pick up my car and drop his off for an oil change. Then we came home to enjoy his homemade bread for breakfast and so I could complete the assignments due today for my Expository Writing course. I finished around 1:30 and we went to Sam’s Club for our bi-weekly grocery trip. We have been enjoying these trips, mostly because we are seeing our food stores increase and our spending on groceries is decreasing over time. We used to get groceries every week, buying meat and non perishables at our regular grocery store, but we finally joined Sam’s Club and discovered we could get most our supplies much cheaper per unit/oz in bulk than buying them one at a time. So right now I have 6 pounds of ground turkey, 4 pounds of chicken tenderloin, and 4 pair of one inch thick pork chops in the freezer, ready to be thawed and cooked. This provides such a lovely sense of security for me, and makes life seem less stressful.

This evening I sat down and installed the test prep software on my old PC laptop so I could take the diagnostic exam for the teacher certification math test I talked about yesterday. I took it and didn’t do too badly (65%) considering that I only need a 71% to be certified, but it looks like I need to brush up on my geometry and calculus and that’s SO MUCH STUFF. I am feeling overwhelmed about it but since I scheduled my exam for four weeks from now I have plenty of time to study up. I just need to take a deep breath and make sure I study a little bit every day.

This three day weekend was much needed and I am glad I have been able to make the most of it. Tomorrow I am hoping to hang out with friends and prepare my teaching materials for the week. I need one more powerpoint presentation, an assignment, review materials, and the Chapter 9 exam for Friday. There are so many times I wish for just one more day to get stuff done, and so I do not plan on wasting this one.


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