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Three Day Weekend

The past week of teaching and working seemed to be so long. It was only a normal 5 day week, but for some reason it seemed to last forever. It was one of my best weeks because I had most of my materials prepared ahead of time and almost all of my grades are already in the book. There isn’t much I can be proud of in the area of teaching I am in, but when I can keep up with the demands of the job, even for a week, it is a reason to celebrate. 

Now we have arrived at the first three day weekend of the spring semester and I am already relaxed. I had to take my car to Pep Boys for an oil change and some diagnostic services, and then I spent most of the day reading and writing for an expository writing class I am required to take for my accounting degree. Most of my credit hours from my first bachelor’s degree transferred so most of the general coursework was taken care of, but the newer requirements that I wasn’t grandfathered under are still on my list of “to-dos.” The assignments and readings I have had to do thus far have been enjoyable and I can definitely see how this course will improve my writing immensely.

In addition to working on my coursework I also signed up for the certification test I have to take in order to become certified in math. Two-hundred dollars later I have four weeks to study so that I can keep my job. Changing course from teaching music to teaching math has been much easier than I thought, but this test is the last great hurdle to get over, since I am confident that the administration will want me back as long as the enrollment justifies my position. Even this change will be short lived because once I finish my accounting degree and pass the CPA exam I want to make the full switch to becoming an accountant. I ordered a book through Amazon that will help me study and it allows for a four week study plan which I will start tomorrow. 

Usually my three day weekends don’t start out quite so productively, so right now I am feeling quite self-celebratory. And because I was productive the next two days seem even more inviting! Tomorrow I will study for my test and finish up the assignments for my writing class that need to be submitted by tomorrow evening, and Monday we are planning to spend some time with friends. I am just glad that I was able to work on all the things I need to do in order to make all the changes I want to make in my life.


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