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Zero to Hero Challenge: Days 8-10 Catch Up

Day 9 was an easy challenge to complete because I needed to start following business blogs anyway. For those of you who might just be joining my blog, I am working on my second bachelor’s degree in accounting and this semester I am taking a class in finance which is the point when they encourage us to become more involved in the present business world. So to kill two birds with one stone, I followed five reputable business blogs.

1. Wonkblog, the Washington Post business blog.
2. Paul Krugman’s blog at the New York Times.
3. Moneybeat, from the Wall Street Journal.
4. CNN Money, from an obvious source.
5. Business 360, a blog from CNN international.

Day 10 was fun because the widget list is so long and fun to peruse. I chose the Goodreads widget, because I am a recent joiner of the website and take a lot of pride in my reading habits. I also chose the “Blogs I Follow” widget, if only to make them more accessible to me when I need to read the information.

So enjoy. Day 8 catch up is coming later.


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