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Catching Up to the Challenge: Days 4-7

A busy and tiring week got away from me, but looking at the Zero to Hero post challenge list I’m not so far behind. Let’s do some catching up today so I can stay on track. The last challenge I completed was the Day 3 challenge, to write the post that was on my mind when I decided to start this blog.

Day 4’s challenge asked participants to explore the neighborhood. This is something I am very familiar with, because I already follow several other blogs. One of my favorites that hasn’t been updated in awhile is hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.com. It is hilarious and really speaks to real-life issues.

Day 5’s challenge was to Love Your Theme, and I had just changed my theme two days prior. Since I was not willing to pay for a theme (and there was one I really liked that I couldn’t have because it cost money), I chose my current theme because it felt professional.

Day 6 wanted me to publish a post with a new element. I do not usually include pictures in my posts, but I bet I could include more pictures, especially of my classroom every day. So here is a picture of me, at work, drinking coffee:


Sitting at my desk at school, drinking coffee during my planning period.

Day 7 got a little more complicated and I had to do a little searching for a picture I wanted to use in order to further personalize my header. Apparently you can also upload a personal background image as well, but I wasn’t quite ready for that. I found a lovely tree header with an educationally themed quote and, well, there it is. 🙂

I am saving the challenges from Days 8, 9, and 10 for later tonight and tomorrow. Day 9 is going to take some thought because I really hate exposing things about myself to the internet, at least the way they are suggesting I do here. I need to think about what I am comfortable sharing and what I am not, or perhaps how to do it in a way that I don’t feel like I am putting myself at risk. Day 9 requires searching out new blogs to follow, which always intimidates me and I feel like I get lost in a swarm of things I don’t know whether or not I should believe, so I want to take my time and do that right as well. Day 10 requires that I add some widgets and I LOVE doing that. 🙂 So check back later today or tomorrow for these updates!


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