Zero to Hero: New Year, New Efforts

Beginning Thursday, January 2nd I will be participating in the Daily Post’s 30 day blogging challenge. I am hoping this makes me a more regular blogger, and I am planning to make time after work before leaving for home to write for this challenge. For those of t=you who have chosen to follow me based on my past posts, I hope that you will read along. For anyone new who finds this blog, welcome and I hope you stick around. 🙂



I haven’t been posting lately and I apologize. Between preparing for semester exams for my students and preparing for finals in my own calculus class, in addition to dealing with a frayed relationship and my own demons, I have not had much motivation for posting. I know this blog is meant to describe the changes in my life and in my teaching experiences, but if I tried to write down all the changes that have happened in the past two weeks I would have blog posts for years. 

My college courses are finished and I am waiting on final grades. I studied very hard for my calculus final and finished all of my online projects for my computer course. It will be nice to have one week when I just have to worry about teaching and grading. This upcoming week I have two days to review with the kids and then there are two days of semester exams with a make up day on Friday. Then it’s a smooth two weeks of winter break during which, if I play my cards right this week, I will have nothing to do but clean this house, play video games, and sleep, sleep, sleep. 

In the spring my husband and I will be moving to a home closer to our school. I am hoping to see changes in my weight, in my schedule (only online courses next semester for me!), and in our location. I’m hoping to have pictures up in the spring as well. I will post as much as I can between now and the new year, and then I am making it my resolution to post three times a week plus a picture a week and maybe I’ll get some more followers too. 

I’m feeling better and after this week it will be twice as good. Again, to those of you that have chosen to follow me, I am sorry for my absence. You will see me more often now. 🙂