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Work Hard, Play Hard

It cannot be said that I make time for leisure. I have never set much stock in sports or arcades or even video games. However, in an effort to get back in the posting game this week, I’m going to take a swing at the recent The Daily Post prompt:

Do you play in your daily life? What says “playtime” to you?

When I read this question I tried to think of what other people consider play to be. I have friends who run, bike, play video games, exercise, and a myriad of other things that would be considered leisurely. I have to be honest that while I do spend a fair amount of free time on the internet, I would not consider that to be valuable play time. That’s just passing time.

So as I sat here and went about my day today I decided that playtime, to me, is sitting down at the table with some board games and playing with friends and family. Maybe a bowl of chips and salsa or other kinds of snacks are there, and we could have Pandora up on the Roku on the tv playing some fun music. Playtime to me is absolutely unplugging from devices and spending time with people you love playing Scrabble or Sorry or Life, or even a more complex game favorite in our house: Arkham Horror.  I don’t remember the last time my husband and I took the time to sit down and play a game together. We stare at our computers, we stare at the tv, we stare at our Kindles, we stare at our grading while we stare at the tv. We spend so much time apart together that I don’t think we take the time to be together together, or at least how I would define it. I’m not sure he defines it the same way.

Perhaps it would be worth taking one night a week and making it game night throughout the holidays. Coming home early, getting dinner started, and then sitting down with some appetizers to play a round of Scrabble or Uno with Christmas music playing in the background. That sounds SO nice to me. Or maybe after dinner we could make some hot chocolate and put on some music and play. Either way it sounds relaxing and playful. 🙂

Thanks for making me think about this wordpress, it makes me see that there could be more to life than just work, grading, zombie electronics, and sleep. Happy Holidays!


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