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Hump Day

Wednesday is always so off and on for me. On the one hand it is good that the week is half over. I have college classes in the evening on Mondays and Wednesdays, so once Wednesday is over I know I can throw my full weight into my job responsibilities as well as catching up on my coursework requirements. Thursday and Friday feel free to me because I don’t have to worry about rushing to campus through traffic after a full day of teaching.

Despite these nice things, Wednesday is SO LONG. I think I’ve made it to the end and then I have to keep going. I make it home from classes and then I have chores and more work to do. I usually fall into bed around 9:30 with 8 other things still left on my to-do list that I end up dreaming about throughout the night until I get up and complete then on Thursday. 

A good thing I learned about today was that a challenging student was in a behavior management meeting with the behavior coaches and his family working on some adjustments to his schedule because the teachers he currently has are not working well for him for whatever reason. Apparently he made a statement to the effect that they could do whatever they wanted to his schedule, he would rather not be removed from my class. 

I have always been proud of my classroom management skills, but honestly nothing makes me feel more proud than to know that a kid behaves for me based on my efforts and they don’t behave for anyone else. Everyone else complains about him but 99% of the time he does all of his work for me and behaves respectfully in my room. This is only my 5th month ever teaching high school, and my second month teaching high school math specifically, so to have this kind of success really makes me feel great about the job I am doing for the level of students that I am currently serving. 

It is a long day, but today was a pretty good day. 


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