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NaNoWriMo Guilt

I see the National Novel Writing Month come around every year and I always want to attempt it and never do. I feel like I have so many good stories from my life that I could adapt to a book. How does any author sit down to bring life to the events and characters in his or her head? 

I have the urge to write down my life story as of right now, just so that I don’t forget things. Then I stop because I feel like to write a story about myself would be to imply that I thought my life was so important that it had to be shared, and doesn’t that sound presumptuous? I suppose that would be a necessary evil in order to write any memoir, but it always makes me uncomfortable.

I have moving stories, adjustment stories, love and heartbreak stories. I have education stories, job stories, weight loss stories, and pet stories. I have stories about death and stories about loss. I just wish there was a way to put them all together into a cohesive book about me that perhaps isn’t necessarily about me but about a bigger theme or moral that could be gleaned from my life. Something that speaks to what people are going through today so that it would also be marketable.

Maybe next year NaNoWriMo. Maybe my story will come to life next year.


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