An Education in Change

Recently I made the transition from elementary music teacher to high school math teacher. I was lucky enough to live in a state where I can make such a change without too many requirements. After 8 years teaching music and working toward a career in music education this change caused many bittersweet feelings that I seem to be currently working through. 

In addition to this change I am also working on a degree in accounting, which will hopefully help me transition out of teaching altogether and into a field that will use my skills and interests more effectively.

I dedicate this blog to all teachers who are brave enough to make a change when it was obvious that teaching was not what everyone said it would be. Career changes are difficult, but when we have the strength to say “enough” and find a new path, happiness might be right around the corner.

This blog will outline my experiences as an educator who is also a student trying to not be an educator anymore, and all the influences and events that happen along the way.